Adding fuel additives, anti misfuel device?

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Re: Adding fuel additives, anti misfuel device?

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Because the fools complained about being persecuted!
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Re: Adding fuel additives, anti misfuel device?

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van ordinaire wrote:
05 Jan 2019, 20:34
Why are manufacturers so obsessed with making their cars idiot-proof now?

One of the reasons they do this to try to help reduce unnecessary warranty claims, misfueled cars can cause fuel system components to fail prematurely. If the car has been misfued in the past it can be difficult to prove for the dealers & ends up costing them in warranty claims.
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Re: Adding fuel additives, anti misfuel device?

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I wasn't only thinking about preventing people being stupid on the forecourt & they've clearly never costed out the sales lost by producing cars that are so irritating to sit in, never mind drive that they are best avioded like the plague.

Had no idea that putting the wrong fuel in could have any longer term effects & am amazed that dealers even considered having to prove whatever fatuous reason they come up with for refusing to accept responsibiliy. However, I should have known that the underlying reason is it is always more important to protect the interests, & profits, of the manufacturers & dealers than to provide anything that might be mistaken for customer service.
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Re: Adding fuel additives, anti misfuel device?

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Because there's a lot of idiots driving them perhaps? :roll:

Besides, the costs of misfuelling can be very high. It happened to me circa 15 years ago when Tesco got the fuel mixed up resulting in a tank of petrol going in the Xantia HDi.

My mechanic at the time was utterly amazed that I had not exploded my way to the garage instead of driving, given the high injection pressures of the HDi. Despite draining, cleaning the fuel system and such, the car ran so bad for a week afterwards until it gave up - the fuel pump had been irreparably damaged, so had to be replaced at at significant cost. Proving it was another matter, but it is still happening today, so only so much can be done by the fuel nozzle guards fitted - it can't help when the flipping station or delivery guys get it wrong! ... p-12921422