NSR Brake Locked on after Bump in Road

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Re: NSR Brake Locked on after Bump in Road

Post by Stickyfinger »

Then i hope the brakes are not Mura based :)

I cannot spot anything wrong there, as others have said, it sounds cable based or a pinch.
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Re: NSR Brake Locked on after Bump in Road

Post by Zelandeth »

I had something quite similar with my 306 a couple of years back. Turned out to be that one of the shoes had its friction material starting to come away from the backing. Wasn't apparent at all until I looked in detail and started poking it with a screwdriver. Quickly though I found I could quite easily lift the leading edge of one shoe. New set of shoes sorted that problem and it never came back.

Worth a look!

As others have said though, make sure your cables are routed and secured properly and have sufficient free play or you could be chasing your tail for ages.

Just glad you didn't first encounter this at 75mph in the overtaking lane on the motorway...woke me up from pondering the mysteries of the universe quite rapidly that did!
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Re: NSR Brake Locked on after Bump in Road

Post by Pug_XUD_KeenAmateur »

just a mention to say that the problem re-occurred a couple of days after loosening the handbrake cable, which seemed like a bit of a rubbish fix really and I finally traced it a couple of weeks ago to...

a tyre gone 'hard'. First thing when the tyre was cold it was simply not working as it should over really only very minor bumps, causing a brutal 'thump' and presumably abnormally violent suspension travel

Also a slight gouge in the handbrake outer sleeve on the N/S, enough for the trailing arm to 'catch' in, but I think this was secondary, likely caused by the brutal suspension travel.

There was nothing to see and it was a real pig to diagnose.

NB: I changed the shocks too, having done some research and found those from a Xsara Picasso, to 2006, fit; but they weren't at fault.

The old girl continues to be troublesome and I'm now not looking forward to replacing the exhaust dowpipe, especially in relation to the nearside fitting where it meets the manifold.