1.8 16v laguna II whine

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1.8 16v laguna II whine

Post by msthompson » 06 Jul 2002, 15:15

I have a 2001 Renault Laguna II 1.8 16V Sports Tourer which I recently purchased, secondhand. On startup from cold I can hear a whine (not rattle or clatter) from the engine bay. This disappears quickly (10-15 secs)and the car otherwise runs OK except for a sort or resonance effect either from the engine or through exhaust between 2 and 3 thousand RPM (not that noticeable but slightly irratating none the less). Can anyone help? the car is under warranty of course but I would rather go to the garage prepared.
Many thanks

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Post by kenworth » 29 Jul 2002, 17:25

Hi Mark,
I have the very same problem!
I have a 1.8 16V 1999 Laguna Estate. I took it down to the Renault garage and the mechanic there diagnosed it as a bearing about to fail! He suspected the Alternator bearing and this will cost over £250 for them to replace. They also say that this is a component failure and should be covered by the warranty.
I hope this helps.
By the way I get this whining upon starting and this continues.
Let me know how you got on...

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Post by krackers2002 » 13 Sep 2002, 19:51

Mark & Ken,
I also have a simlar problem with my 1999 Laguna 1.6 16v Laguna. I have a whining noise coming from the fan belt area. After a few hours of diagnostics Renault have no idea what it is..... one chap said it's the alternator and another said its the power steering pump. I've yet to get this fixed, as it may not be either.
Ken...... do you have any more info on your scenario?

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Post by Darjay » 17 Sep 2002, 16:31

I have a whining on my 1997 Laguna 2.0 RXE Estate.....comes in after a mile or two most noticeable in fifth gear.. I'm pretty sure its the gearbox on mine due to the high miles (111000).
Anybody else had gearbox whining?

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Post by Chell » 16 Jul 2003, 22:20

Dear all,
My advice would be to check the tension off of the multi "V" belt first, if this doesn't look too slack try taking the belt off and then starting the car without the belt, this will eliminate anything that is driven by the belt. If the fault is still apparent the chances are that it is something driven by the cam belt i.e rollers or tensioner