R21 coolant pump replacement

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R21 coolant pump replacement

Post by ogorki » 11 May 2004, 13:59

Hi, does anyone have experience with replacing the coolant pump on a 2L non-turbo Renault 21? it seems the pump has died as the fan etc is very noisy when the car first starts, & coolant leaks out where the pump meets the head when the car is stopped after a long drive. According to the Haynes manual replacing the pump is difficult but reading the description it doesn't sound too bad - so if anyone has done it and can advise how big a job it is, i'd be very grateful....

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Post by mikgram » 23 May 2004, 13:47

normally water pumps on front wheel drive cars are a bit of a pain because of access and cleaning of the old gasket on the block ,but they are usually held on by 7-8 small bolts, if the access isn`t to bad then it`s not to bad generally.but I`ve never done one on a R21
you say it leaks where the pump meets the head? make sure that area is clean and dry and stick plenty of sealer on the gasket.