Warning wife alert!!!

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Warning wife alert!!!

Post by Stuart McB » 18 Apr 2004, 01:24

Sorry guys. I'm usualy on the Citroen site but I thought I'd warn you. The wife has to day bought a Renault Megan convertable. It's a 2.0ltr in blue, dynamique model with the IDE engine fitted. All the options as well, one owner and only 20k on the clock on a 51 plate. Cost £10,995 but she chopped in her Focus 1.8 (got £5000). Just thought you should know as she's one of those girls who knows about cars and mechanics, she even understands varriable valve timming (gulp!), traction control and how to ballance good old carburetters. Please, please don't humor her if she comes on the site as she takes it out on me.[xx(]