Laguna - rear Fog Lights - not working

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Laguna - rear Fog Lights - not working

Post by padsmith » 07 Feb 2004, 23:14

Real fog lights on a 99 Laguna not working - swapped both bulbs....volt meter placed on connections on read..current flowing, hence no break in wire. Switch on steering colume taken off..nothing obvious....HELP, what else could be the Ineed a new switch box/column..could there be a loose wire pssible in the column?
In whci case, how much are these ?

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Post by bigdaddy » 09 Feb 2004, 16:31

if you have a 12v supply at the bulbs, and the bulbs are known to work, then you have a faulty earth or the bulb holder is corroded, check the bulb holders first, then supply a temp 12v supply (connect a piece of wire from the battery and connect it to the positive side of the bulb)and see if this works the bulbs, if not, it sounds like a bad earth connection, so clean the earth wire or supply a new earth.