safrane 2.2Vi gearbox

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safrane 2.2Vi gearbox

Post by we88ie » 01 Jan 2004, 22:41

Hi, 94 Safrane auto gaerbox stuck in safety mode!WHY!! I've had a gearbox chap look at it & the box is fine, mechanically. Works perfectly! But when connected electronically to the car; dashboared light illuminates & computer bleats "gearbox stuck in safety mode" & it won't change. Diagnostics report that there are no fault codes with the car!! Oh & the tacho has stopped working. P.S. "Fuel injection faulty-report immediatly" Anybody got a wiring diagram?? I am at witts end.

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Post by Bazza » 23 Jan 2005, 04:59

Appreciate your problem is now and old one with the Safrane Gear box but hust noticed it as I have now exactly the same problem, same symptoms. Did you manage to get to the bottom of your one. Any help would be appreciated.

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Post by franciscomurat » 23 Jan 2005, 16:46

The previous safrane owner to me had the gearbox changed 12 months ago for a recon i think he said it was £700 + anyway he had it stuck in safety and was told that if he disconnected the battery for a few hours it would all reset itself apparently he tried and no joy but i mention it never know,incidently as the previous post said its a very very common fault so i dont really know why renault didnt do anything at the time,good luck with it.