knocking on laguna

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knocking on laguna

Post by denviks » 20 Aug 2003, 16:12

hi i was wondering if anyone could help me. i have a 97 laguna estate and i have a knocking comming from the front when ever i hit a meduim bump in the road. i have had the suspension checked and all is fine. i was told that it is possibly my front left drive shaft that has worn. is this possible that it would make a noise like this, it really sounds like a worn bush but there are none worn atall. any help would be great.

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Post by Mambyj » 24 Aug 2003, 01:35

Just a thought, but sounds like it is one of the top mounts on the front suspension struts.

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Post by denviks » 29 Aug 2003, 21:20

thanks for the advice, do you know if there is anyway of checking the mounts without stripping it all out? cheers

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Post by tambo » 20 Sep 2003, 00:47

Had the same symptons on mine, turned out to be a worn out drop link between the strut and anti-roll bar. Hope this helps.

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Post by askoulding » 09 Oct 2003, 21:48

I had the same problem and had a drop link replaced. Now have the same problem on the other side. Hopefully just the other drop link to replace...

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Post by bwellard » 12 Nov 2003, 19:13

I've had the same problem now for several months. The knocking started off on the left hand side of the car, so had lefthand side shock absorber, drop link and strut mount replaced. This had no effect.. Now the knocking comes from both wheels, that is until I go over a bump with both wheels at the same time eg. A speed hump. And then it makes no knocking at all. The only thing I haven't checked is the anti roll bar bushes, but, they can't be replaced on their own. You have to replace the whole anti roll bar, as the bushes are not seperate.. When I get enough cash together I'll replace the ARB, but Renault seem adament that it is the bushes on the wishbones?????

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Post by goggomobil300 » 15 May 2005, 03:24

I've got exactly the same knocking on my '96 RT Estate. I was going to replace struts and top mountings, but having read a few threads n the forum, will try the ARB first.
I'll post again when I find the solution.

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Post by bwellard » 16 May 2005, 17:55

Before replacing the Anti-Roll Bar. Change the front ARB drop links. My knocking noise came back and it turned out to be the link that was worn.. A lot cheaper (£15 or so for a link from a factor) than £115 for a new ARB from Renault.

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Post by Phil_G » 06 Jul 2005, 21:58

Sounds a lot like the anti roll bar drop links. Happened twice on my 205 and now on my Laguna 1.8 8v R reg.
£15 each, 15 mins to fit, just 2 bolts.

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Post by TazzyK » 07 Jul 2005, 04:09

Happened on the passenger side on mine, and is supposed to be a very common problem.. It was the stabiliser link bar which I bought from GSF and is fairly easy to fit.