Renault Megane Scenic auto gearbox

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Renault Megane Scenic auto gearbox

Post by khoward » 06 Feb 2003, 19:47

I have a 1999 T Reg Megane Scenic. The automatic gearbox has started playing up recently in that you can hear and feel the gears are not changing and the "auto" light comes up on the control panel. Car was serviced two weeks ago and as there was a fault code a fax was sent to Renault to find out how to fix the problem. I was told today that it is the gearbox hydraulic distributor. Can anyone explain what this is and if the problem is severe and how it may have happened?
P.S. At the service I was told I had a slight oil leak which could wait for the next service (in 12 months time). As my warranty cover runs out at the end of April I said I wanted this fixed at the same time as the gearbox.
Many thanks.

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Post by adsuper » 01 Mar 2003, 17:57

Hello there,
The Auto boxes on Renaults are not too clever and are prone to giving up early in there life but usually when the car is used for vast mileage. I would have it repaired by a dealer and demand that there is a 12 month warranty put on to the work carried out along side the current warranty which is already in place!
Andy Darvill