'warning sidelights faulty' - but they're not

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'warning sidelights faulty' - but they're not

Post by lukas » 10 Jan 2003, 03:54

I have a 1996 renault laguna 2.2 rxe. Recently, the on board computer began to tell me that my side lights are faulty, when it does it's system check after starting. However there is nothing wrong with my sidelights. I'm beginning to tear my hair out! None of my local renault dealers can work it out, and it costs me everytime I get someone to take a look.
The last suggestion was that my tow hook had been wired into the same circuit as the side lights, and that the electrics in the tow hook were actually faulty. I have now disconnected the tow hook, but I am still getting the warning message, and the service light on the dashboard.
Any help would be greatfully appreciated - please feel free to email me.
Many thanks in advance.
Lukas Gamble

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Post by chrismcnaz » 26 Jan 2003, 17:50

I searched for ages for a blown side light and in the end it was a number plate bulb!

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Post by c5owner2002 » 22 Apr 2003, 02:24

Had a similar problem with my new Citroen C5. Found an indicator bulb where the glass had come away from the cap of the bulb. The filament was apparently still connected and working, but I suspect the glass was 'wiggling' and occasionally shorting things out!
Weird! Try taking all the bulbs out though and checking the caps - even for minor manufacturing flaws. Might even be a bulb jumping up an down in its connector - tighten any contacts if you can.

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Post by marks132 » 23 Feb 2004, 22:31

I had a similar problem on my 2Ltr RXE Laguna, it turned out to be the numberplate bulb and also the headlight bulb earth.If your headlights use the single prong bulb check the seating of the bulb or just clean the mount with a cloth.

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Post by arry_b » 23 Feb 2004, 23:04

Volvo's do this as well. With then it's cured by replacing the bulbs on both sides for new ones of the same make.
The slightly different resistance of the new and old bulbs can light the warning light.

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Post by JimW » 24 Feb 2004, 18:25

I've had exactly the same happen with my '96 2.0 RXE Family (Estate).
Turned out to be the (rear) numberplate bulb/bulbs - they are on the same circuit as the sidelights, hence the message.