Renault Espace Diesel heating problem

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Renault Espace Diesel heating problem

Post by renesm » 11 Dec 2004, 19:11

I have this car (1998 RT-X DT 2.2L) and the heating fan has stopped working. The lights on the heating console come on, when I press the buttons I can hear flaps moving, but there is no air passing through the system. Not even the sound of the heater attempting to push air through the system.
I have had someone come around with a diagnostic kit for Renaults and he told me he could not get the diagnostics to communicate with the air conditioner. Although he tells me that he could get the thing to talk to other systems on the car.
I have also looked at the fusebox under the bonnet next to the battery. I have looked at the relays there and while I can remove and replace the two yellow relays there is a third (red) one that refuses to come out at all. I suspect it may be the source of the problem, but I am no expert.
Can anyone suggest what I might do next before I head to the Renault dealer and get fleeced!!!?