Koleos '18 4x4 2.5 Automatic transmission

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Koleos '18 4x4 2.5 Automatic transmission

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Hi, had two 2018 Koleos cars that are unable to switch into seventh gear while driving down the flat highway at speeds of 140 or 150km/h. The revs are above 3k and it fuel consumption is in the range of 10ish. When i switch to manual mode and push it into 7th gear the revs go down to and stabilize there w consumption of about 9ish. Whatever i seem to do to the car it never goes to seventh gear in automatic mode.

Am i missing something the point of existance of 7th gear or what. I have an old 2011 Koleos same engine type (perhaps not the same as never one) w six gear and under same conditions the revs are the same and go through gears automatically.

Let me know your ideas. I have not complained yet as both never models experience the same "feature"
the same way.