406 electric window problems

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406 electric window problems

Post by ianfox »

I have 1997 406 and the electric passenger window does not go up or down. I have checked the obvious things such as the fuses and also checked the motor with an external supply and it is functioning correctly. However, it cannot be operated with either the driver or passenger switch. If one of these switches is not working properly, will this prevent the other switch from working as well ?? Is this a common fault and can anyone please point me in the right direction ?

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Have you checked if there is a live going to the motor from the switch, there may be an earth fault, if so there will be a return live, both terminals on the motor would become positive if no negative is available due to a bad earth point.
Without any further information to go on you will have to trace the wire's back until contact is made with the missing positive or negative.
Good luck