205D anti-roll bar bushes

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205D anti-roll bar bushes

Post by StuartR » 11 Jun 2002, 17:54

205 1.8D 92J
I've got a question about the bushes which is probably for the andyspares people. I need to change the bushes (loose steering and outer edge wear on tyres) but not sure about parts No. in catalogue.....
there's t42226 - wishbone bushes(control arm bushes)
but there's also
t42280/t42284/t42282 - anti roll bar droplink bushes
are these second ones the small ones that connect to the subframe and which of the 3 sizes do I need.


205D anti-roll bar bushes

Post by Jon » 11 Jun 2002, 20:09

T42280/T42282/T42284 are indeed the bushes that go around the anti rollbar where it bolts up to the subframe.I don't think this is what you need.
The bushes in the front arms are T42224 which is the one that secures the rear of the front arm to the subframe, and the other is T42226, this is the bush in the front arm that the anti roll bar bolts thogh.
From what you are saying it sounds like its the arm bushes that are worn out so you need 1x T42224 and 1x T42226 per front arm.
Jon Wood
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