Bosch Hydraulic ram on accelerator?

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Bosch Hydraulic ram on accelerator?

Post by Giles » 03 Jun 2004, 19:58

Hi folks,
I'm having problems locating a part for my p-reg 406, probabaly cos' I'm not entirely sure what it's called! It's the Bosch hydraulic ram on what I think is the accelerator cable. I noticed in a Citroen thread that others have had problems with this sticking, evident by the engine sticking at high revs after releasing the accelerator pedal and very sluggish journeys away from junctions etc. Is this a common problem? I'm pretty sure that it is the Bosch ram at fault cos' abit of WD40 works for a while then it begins to stick again. It looks very simple to replace (could be wrong)but not sure where to get one from. I live in the Bournemouth area and any info on local suppliers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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Bosch Hydraulic ram on accelerator?

Post by mbunting » 03 Jun 2004, 21:50

Some people just take it off, and claim better responses from the engine.
Scrappies probably won't want to sell you one without the rest of the engine, unless you find one scrapped due to a duff engine !
My previous Xantia didn't have one, and the acceleration / deceleration was jerky on the change.
My current 405 Does have one ("ah, that's what they're talking about ! "), and the change is much smoother, although you do have to adapt your style a little for the same responsiveness !