Dodgy Lights help !!

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Dodgy Lights help !!

Post by StuartR » 18 Mar 2002, 19:08

205 diesel J'92 125,000
I'm having a problem with a couple of lights mainly the offside brake light. It goes on to start with but after about five presses the light goes out, it also gets slower to react and fades on the way. After await it may start up again but usually not. Ive changed bulb, cleaned contacts, waggled cables, so could it be a relay and if so which one, there are two in the glove box a white and green one but there are more under the bonnet. Is there a possible connected 'relay type' problem with the offside headlamp which dips but not dazzles.
The other lights seem ok !! fingers crossed
<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle> Any advise please