water problems

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water problems

Post by dispatch » 15 Dec 2003, 01:52

i have now owened two three french cars 1 Citroen 1 peugeot 1 renault
and they all seem to lose water
they also have no expansion vessel onthe water system
does anyone else have a problem with losing water?

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Post by Sl4yer » 15 Dec 2003, 02:01

Unless you overfill the radiator tank, the lack of an expansion vessel shouldn't matter. (I believe the tanks are marked so they won't loose any water through expansion in normal use).
My 1994 ZX loses water all the time from the water pump. I had it replaced about a year ago, but I suspect the garage re-used the sealing ring. It doesn't loose to much though, and seems to loose about the same whether it does 20 miles or 200 miles a week.
If your coolant and oil look OK, check around the bottom of the timing belt covers for white marks, which I'm told is a tell-tale sign of coolant leaking (from the water pump).

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Post by arry_b » 15 Dec 2003, 03:12

Water loss isn't confined to French cars! Any car with a problem will lose it.
Cit/Pug engines have a slightly unusual method of filling the cooling system requiring bleeding properly if blown head gaskets are to be avoided. Any air left in the system will also expand more than water for a given temperature and may blow coolant out of the expansion tank - hence water loss. The expansion tank is built into the radiator.
Once you've bled the system properly, cast a critial eye over the cooling system, you'll probably find a dodgy hose or a bit of the radiator that looks crusty, or a loose clip. Examine all joints for water staining. Ensure that any repairs are attended to, then see if it still loses water. If it's still losing it, get a pressure test done at a trustworthy garage - doesn't take long or cost much.

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Post by dispatch » 16 Dec 2003, 16:34

thanks for the info
i have since noticed a leak on the bottom of the radiator
i am getting a new one fitted tommorrow by a mechanic
but i do have my suspicions about the head gasket
i:e lots of steam when engine is cold
i know cars do develop steam in the cold weather but
this is over and above the norm
but i see no oil in rad coolant
there is no smell of coolant from the exaust
and the oil seems to be okay.
im sure i will find out shortly
why do cars let you down at the worst possible time?