306 TD uneven idle/throbbing when cold

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306 TD uneven idle/throbbing when cold

Post by mgoodlad » 10 Dec 2003, 16:38

Car is a 1996 306 TD with 63,000 miles - recently the car has started a very noticable steady throbbing when cold starting - enough to be able to observe the rev counter needle going up and down a short amount. Once warmed up then the car behaves normally. Car has a K&N filter and sportex exhaust and fueling was increased slightly by fuel injection specialists about a year and a half ago. In a previous post I asked talked about a problem in that if you tried to restart the car about 10 minutes after stopping (still quite warm) the car would start and immediately stutter and stop. The posts back said check for air leaks on the injection pump, and possibly change the copper washers - I gave the banjo nut a tighten up and the problem disappeared for a few months. But it did it again for the first time last week - not sure if this can be related to the throbbing?
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
Michael Goodlad
1996 306 TD 63k miles
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306 TD uneven idle/throbbing when cold

Post by arry_b » 12 Dec 2003, 19:56

Sounds like an air leak allowing a small amount of air to be drawn in when the car is standing. Check all the pipes for signs of perishing and cast a critial eye aroung the fuel filter housing.
A very small hole an let air in, but won't let diesel out so you'll need to examine them well and replace anything suspect.
Also check that all the unions are tight and think again about changing the copper washers.