diesel starting

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diesel starting

Post by woodhead722 » 30 Oct 2001, 05:16

Sometimes our 205 diesel refuses to turn over,not 1st start of day but perhaps when hot after running (often in summer) .The cure seems to be
a) new battery (this cures for about a year despite 3 yr guarantee),
b)waiting for plug heating to finish then rapid switching on off on off on of ignition in attempt to turn engine, one of which eventually turns it and goes.
When the car refuses a click (as if battery is tired) is heard each time switch turned.
However it would seem not to be a battery problem as there is no lack of turning speed once it co-operates.
Suggestions appreciated please. THANKS

Dave Burns
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diesel starting

Post by Dave Burns » 31 Oct 2001, 04:25

Starter motors on these and now days most engines are of the pre-engaged type, this means that the pinion gear is pushed along the starter shaft by the solenoid and is engaged with the starter ring gear on the flywheel before the main current is applied, at the end of it's travel the solenoid closes the contacts that allow the main current to pass to the motor and hopefully your engine starts, thing's that go wrong are, 1 the contacts get burned and pitted from arcing and can't make good enough contact for the high current needed, 2 there can be wear on the shaft or the pinion gear over run clutch could be in trouble preventing smooth travel along the shaft and 3 the faces of the ring and pinion gears could be worn causing them to hit each other square on instead of sliding past each other, usually though it's just the contact's that require re-surfacing and a general clean and lube.
Good luck