shot water pump?

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shot water pump?

Post by goatboy » 08 May 2003, 15:48

Pulled up the other day in my 306....
Coolant was coming from the expansion tank.
I assumed it was an air lock so topped up the water and released the bleed valves and let it sit.
Put all the valves back and put the filler cap back on...
Started her up and let her idle until she got up to about 92 degrees.
Pumped up the heater but no hot air. Checked the water in the RAD and it was only luke warm.
I suspect the water pump is broken...
Any thoughts?[xx(]
It's apetrol 1.4 by the way!

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 08 May 2003, 16:49

Was every thing ok up until this moment, had there been any work carried out on the cooling system recently.
This could be a water pump leak or a water leak at some other point in the cooling system, but it could also be as sinister as the cylinder head gasket.
You need to make sure the cooling system is free of air by bleeding it, this may require a header tank if the highest point in the system is not the fill point, the water level must be higher than the highest bleed screw during filling or air will remain trapped.

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Post by goatboy » 08 May 2003, 17:16

no work had been done but the temp had been misbehaving a bit (getting fractionally higher than normal unitl the fan cut in.)
I think there may be a possibility of an airlock but would that cause such extremes in the cooling system i.e. the water not getting hot?

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Post by CITMAN » 09 May 2003, 03:12

Sounds like air in the system to me. There is the possibility of a leak which is letting in air in the system possible a head gasket or a leak else where in the system. Get it pressure checked at garage. Oh try a new pressure cap for the cooling system, becuase if might be letting coolant out and letting the levsl get low and therefore letting air in the system.
As dave says you need a header tank to force all th air out.

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Post by goatboy » 09 May 2003, 14:54

Thanks for the responses....
I took it to the garage and as soon as the mechanic looked at it, it was fine.
However I will be visiting my local Andy spares to pick up a new thermostat, pressure cap and some antifreeze. I am going to replace those, flush and bleed the system and see how it goes from there!
Thanks again!

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Post by mbunting » 10 May 2003, 16:08

What did the mechanics do ?
Would be useful for you to know for when you come to change the coolant !