Buying a 306 Dturbo

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Buying a 306 Dturbo

Post by rossd » 12 Jun 2004, 21:49

Yep, cost me £60 for new front discs and pads from GSF, OE parts too. I did do it myself though, so no extortionate labour charge!

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Buying a 306 Dturbo

Post by arry_b » 13 Jun 2004, 20:10

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Damn I've been ripped off by quick fit again!
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Sorry to hear that, chap. They're a bunch of shysters at the best of times, generally to be avoided!
What's worse is that they fit the cheapest pattern parts they can get away with, so they rip you off twice in the same deal. That could be why you're getting through pads quickly.