oil misting???

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oil misting???

Post by Michael » 09 Jan 2003, 20:34

I was just having a look on the 'honest john' web site and on the car by car breakdown section, I decided to look up my own car a 106, 1.5 diesel. On here it mentioned that the oil SHOULD NOT be filled more than two thirds full, 3.5 litres of oil instead of full, 4.75 litres of oil. Otherwise you get 'oil misting' whatever that is, any ideas???? I always check my oil level weekly and ensure it is on full, never lower and never higher, so what exactly is oil misting and how much oil should I use????
m chapman

Dave Burns
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oil misting???

Post by Dave Burns » 16 Jan 2003, 18:05

Oil misting comes about as the rotating crankshaft dips into the oil sat in the sump, obviousely the crankshaft is going round at a fair old bat and the oil gets thrown about that much until the crankcase is full of oil mist.
It also occurs naturally to a lesser extent because oil is continually escaping from the big end and main bearings of the crankshaft as the oil is delivered at pressure to these bearings via oil ways drilled into it.
This in its self is not a problem, after all Peugeot do specify the oil level via the dipstick, so they must be aware of it, the only problem is that as combustion gasses enter the crankcase due to blow by, they are expelled and routed by the breather pipes to the intake, this also carries with it some oil mist which apart from being burnt in the engine also makes a mess in and around the associated pipes.