405 oil sludge

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David White
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405 oil sludge

Post by David White » 23 Dec 2002, 22:53

heavy build up of 'salad cream' in external oil filler/breather system in winter, in my 92 1.6 petrol 405. Any cures ?
David White

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405 oil sludge

Post by colouredcob » 23 Dec 2002, 23:52

Hi David,
Do you use the car a lot? or does it do short journeys with lots of standing around? This could just be condensation build up and it will immulsify in filler cap/breather. Also check the breather pipe is 100% clear as a partial block can cause a build up of condensation as well.
Also, when you check dip stick look at the colour of the oil, if it is a coffee brown colour then water is getting in to the sump from the engine.
Hopefully it is the first option!
Best wishes and good luck

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405 oil sludge

Post by DLM » 27 Dec 2002, 17:17

This problem crops up fairly frequently on Citroen BXs with the same engine. Short runs = plenty of condensation in the oil breather system, which emulsifies the oil vapour there. A long run or two may help to alleviate the system, though there's not much alternative to cleaning out the oil filler goo.
One of the moderaters here has posted elsewhere to suggest that a new thermostat may help alleviate the problem.

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405 oil sludge

Post by oilundernails » 31 Dec 2002, 01:20

re;sludge in oil filler/breather,often condensation as per other replies.Mines done it for years, livable with if its not cylinder head leaking.I put a length of hose onto the oil filler,clipped onto the side of the rad. and hanging down,blanked off the hole into the airbox, at least my airfilter isn't soaked in goo.I just blow through the pipe now and then.Life with bangers is not always pretty!