More poke from a 205 xs ?

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More poke from a 205 xs ?

Post by jacksonr » 16 May 2001, 21:43

I've just got myself a little 205 xs. great fun but I'm wondering if theres anyway I can get a bit more go out of it ? Can anybody help ?

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More poke from a 205 xs ?

Post by paulivil » 31 May 2001, 11:17

<font face='Georgia'>Your car has a similar engine to Citroen AX GT so I would recommend you to visit that is a site by an engineer who used to drive the car when he was a student. He has posted some tips on how to get more power out of that TU3S-typed engine.</font id='Georgia'>

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More poke from a 205 xs ?

Post by rustytoba » 29 Jun 2001, 03:52

Hi my name is Scott McGhee and I represent a new company that deal in engine mods such as porting and polishing.
My company is called MTEK and we are based in Scotland but could deliver our service to most parts of the U.K. if arangments were made.
Our services start from only £70.00 and this can, in some cases give a power upgrade of upto 10%.
Thankyou for your time.
E-mail me at
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