oil sump plug key

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oil sump plug key

Post by puc » 30 Sep 2002, 15:32

does anyone know what size tool fits the sump plug on a 1992 peugeot 405?



Post by n/a » 30 Sep 2002, 17:04

your better off buying the proper tool for this job only a couple of quid the multy one is cast and has a tendancy to break easy i think the size is slightly bigger than a quater drive extention you could undo it by putting thi in + a screwdriver to make it fit , but i would go for the tool

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Post by gjb02 » 30 Sep 2002, 21:43

Yes, I believe it's a 8mm square drive, any good motor store should stock it, the Draper catalogue number is : 38324 and it costs £1.54 + vat. Of course you don't have to buy Draper, that was just a suggestion / example. Regards
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