306 Stereo remote compatibility

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306 Stereo remote compatibility

Post by Chris_L » 05 Sep 2002, 22:55

A friend of mine is buying a new stereo head-unit for his car, but is seriously considering changing his car soon for a 306 and so wants to buy one that will be compatible with the 306 radio remote. Does anybody know which makes / models of stereo head-unit are compatible with the 306 factory fit remote control?
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Post by darrenp » 07 Sep 2002, 13:09

If you mean the steering wheel controls then you may want to look at any of the Sony models that support their wired remote stalk thingy, these have a plug on the back which you can get an adaptor to fit between the car controls and the stereo.
I have done this on my Citroen Xsara VTS and it works great, the adaptors are about £40 and as far as im aware Sony are the only Stereos supported by this feature as most other makes are infra red remotes not wired.
Hope this helps
Try this page for an idea
http://www.caraudiodirect.com/shop/acat ... t_240.html
But again these remote adaptors only work with Sony wired remote compatible units.