I'm not Alarmed

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I'm not Alarmed

Post by istme » 04 Aug 2002, 01:59

I've got an alarm fault on my'94 405 but I can't find the control box on the car.
Two Pug dealers said it is under one of the front seats but after a good look I can find no sign of it. One dealer said it is behind a cover plate and that I did not have to remove the seat to gain access.
I can see no gaps or holes in the carpet so do I need to lift or remove a carpet?
The alarm is a basic type(without ultra sonic sensors. There is no disable switch on the steering wheel cowling).
Does anyone out there know where it's hiding??

Dave Burns
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I'm not Alarmed

Post by Dave Burns » 04 Aug 2002, 02:58

On a Xantia its under the carpet under the left hand (UK) seat, and you do have to remove the seat on a Xantia.