BX GTi Fuel pressure regulator

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BX GTi Fuel pressure regulator

Post by martinwiseman » 13 May 2002, 17:23

Can anyone tell me the pressure rating for the fuel pressure regulator on a 1991 BX Gti (Motronic MP3.1 engine management system).
My Haynes manual says 2.0 bar for the pre 1990 model but doesn't give a spec for the later version.
The regulator on my car was replaced with a second hand one (from an unknown source) to get it through it's MOT last year but the fuel ecomomy still isn't right. The regulator that is fitted is marked 2.5 bar.


Post by Jon » 13 May 2002, 20:29

According to the Citroen workshop book Characteristics, Adjustments and checks, fuel pressure for the BX GTi 8v should be 2 to 2.5 bars. This compares to 3 to 3.5 bars for the 16 valve version.
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