Xsara heater motor. Easy tiger.

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Stuart McB
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Xsara heater motor. Easy tiger.

Post by Stuart McB » 04 Jun 2004, 01:26

How's this then. On my way to work this mornnig, late (after being messed about at the local hospital)[:(!] when the heater started to make this bl***y awful noise. Sort of like a cat being hurt. Turned off the heater and left well alone until I got home to night[:(]. Had a look in the Haynes manual and it said "remove 4 screws lower motor to ground and dissconect" now being a bit sceptical about the Haynes manual I got all my tools together only to find "remove 4 screws and lower to ground" This Xsara heater motor is the easiest to get at with the least amount of fuss for any motor[:D]. Removed and found a load of old brown stripey leaves and stuff in the motor it self. Pollen filter is after the motor not before. Removed and replaced all OK. Time about 30 mins all in.[8D]

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Xsara heater motor. Easy tiger.

Post by NiSk » 04 Jun 2004, 13:01

A close second to a LHD XM - about 10 mins: remove felt wadding above passanger foot area(2 torx + metal clip) and then three philips head screws and its in your hand!