ZX Rear Tyres

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ZX Rear Tyres

Post by B_Draper » 26 Feb 2001, 19:32

I own a 94 Citroen ZX TD and I am constantly having to repressurise the rear tyres ie on a weekly basis.
This is getting very frustrating! I have had the tyres and valves changed a number of times, yet the problem keeps reoccuring.
Has anyone else had this kind of problem? Does anyone have any possible solutions to solving this irritating quirk!
Thanks in advance for any help!


Post by Jon » 26 Feb 2001, 22:45

Interesting. I had this problem on a 94 ZX too. Does your car have alloy wheels? My theory was that either the wheels have become a bit out of shape over the miles, and that air leaked past the seal at the rim, and someone else suggested that the alloy gets a bit porous over the passage of time.

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Post by madpenguin » 27 Feb 2001, 21:17

I can confirm the rumour about the porous alloys. I think you can get something to reseal them at most tyre centres.

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Post by B_Draper » 02 Mar 2001, 15:57

Thanks for all the advice!
I've had the wheel inquestion re-sealed. I just hope it will last for a while

Simon Canfer
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Post by Simon Canfer » 02 Mar 2001, 18:43

I had this annoying problem with my (1992) ZX with alloy wheels. At first I was thrown off the scent thinking it was "porosity" in the wheels. Later I found a nail very well embedded in the tyre...
Simon Canfer
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