Turbo Oilseals

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Turbo Oilseals

Post by sirgeorge » 26 Feb 2001, 19:02

The turbo on my ZX TD is now whistling strongly and there are traces of oil in the intercooler. How difficult is it to replace the turbo and where can I get a good new/remanufactured turbo.

Simon Canfer
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Post by Simon Canfer » 02 Mar 2001, 18:46

Are you sure all the turbo hoses are secured properly? They're not much fun to get to... My 163,000 miler also has traces of oil in the pipework; I don't think this necessarily means there is a turbo fault.
Simon Canfer
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Post by Jimmydeath » 12 Mar 2001, 15:50

My Turbo also whistles but it started at the same time i had a non-citroen replacement exhaust fitted so I put it down to the new exhaust having less sound proofing. I have had some oil in the intercooler for 2 or 3 years now but it still runs ok (158,000 miles). There is no visible smoke from the exhaust and the oil in the intercooler is only a coating on the pipes. This is only my personal experience, if anyone has technical experience with turbo lifetimes and how to tell if one is about to fail then please comment.


Post by Jon » 12 Mar 2001, 22:11

In my experience of this engine, there will always be a slight coating of oil in the intercooler pipes, and is never anything to worry about.
Just because the turbo whistles does not mean its on its way out> I can't even remember being asked for a turbo for a ZX TD during 6 years at Andyspares!
Turbo tips> use semi synthetic or fully synthetic oil with a genuine Purflux oil filter > Before turning off the engine,especially after the engine has been working hard, let the engine idle at tickover for a minute or so to allow cooler engine oil to circulate through the turbo.
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