AX battery problems

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AX battery problems

Post by GrahamHick »

Couple of AX questions:
1. What type of nut is required to hold down
the clamp which holds the battery in place.
2. In the last few years I have replaced the battery 3-4 times. Generally a bettery only lasts around a year. What things should I look for to find out what's wrong?

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Post by alan s »

I would suggest you either have an auto electrician look at the charging system or alternatively put a meter on the car to check on the charge rate. It should charge at 13.8 to 14.6 volts from memory, & I would suspect that yours would be in excess of that. Probable cause a dodgy voltage regulator. My guess is that you're cooking your batteries. I don't know if they are adjustable, very few are these days, normally they are solid state & not overly expensive.