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Post by lara » 06 Nov 2001, 05:52

Does a 1.7 xud engine turbo diesel have tappets/ valve clearances that need adjusting?
If so can someone give a brief description of how to do it and how often.
Thanks Lara
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Post by pwatson » 07 Nov 2001, 05:10

Have never done the tappets myself - not had to on BXs that have doen 170,000 and 135,000 but know that they are adjusted with shims. This is covered in some detail in Haynes Cit Diesel manual. I could probably do a scan of relevant bits if you require. Others may be able to tell you how difficult it is to do in practice! Try BX messageboard if further help not forthcoming here

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Post by JohnD » 08 Nov 2001, 01:16

Hi Lara - Yes - the BX does have tappets and they can be adjusted but it involves much more work than on engines in times past when all that was required was to stick in a feeler gauge and adjust the screw on the tappet. Briefly, on the BX you need to measure the gap between the back of each cam and the tappet, and compare the results with the spec of the engine. If the clearances are incorrect the cambelt must be removed, followed by the camshaft. Shims are then added or removed until the correct clearances are obtained. It isn't a job that needs to be done at any specific mileage, indeed, many engines reach their life's end without requiring adjustment.