Radio not ready for code after a disconnection

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Radio not ready for code after a disconnection

Post by masood_ilyas » 24 Sep 2003, 16:11

Xantia,1.9TD 1994 L reg
Last week I took out the near side front wing to repair a depression, I removed the battery for better access and restored everything back afterwards. Dent is better but now the Radio has decided to take an early retirement, it only shows four dashes on the display. I expected it to say "code" for me to enter the 4 digit code which I do have but all it does is display these dashes, there is also a gentle plop on the speakers as the unit goes On and Off. Is there any one else who has exprienced this, better still know of a solution. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
I did not realise how much I rely on this as I missed it lot when travelling to work this morning.

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Post by andycarter » 24 Sep 2003, 16:55

You press buttons 1, 2, 3 & 4 and the dashes change to numbers, the number increments every time you press the respective button.
After the display shows the correct code you confirm it by pressing another button - 5 I think.
If you don't have a manual for the stereo post back the model number & I'll check in mine.

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Post by masood_ilyas » 24 Sep 2003, 18:04

Thanks for your reply.
In this case pressing buttons makes no difference.
In the past on restoring battery the radio has come up with "code" you then pressed 1,2,3,4th button as many times as the code required and then finally press 6 which sets it going, but alas not this time.

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Post by RichardH » 24 Sep 2003, 18:40

You may need to leave the ignition on in the accessory position and the radio on (showing the four dashes) for an hour or two, then the radio should show "code". This is also what happens if you enter a wrong code three times.
Hope that helps,

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 25 Sep 2003, 03:06

Press the Band button.

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Post by masood_ilyas » 01 Oct 2003, 23:21

Thanks to all those who replied, this problems has now been solved.
Thanks Richard-H, leaving it ON for 90 minutes brought it out of hibernation. Much better now, at least when I get stuck in the jam it will be my fault for not listening to the Road Reports.

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Post by James.UK » 11 Jan 2004, 18:22

Hi All. My ZX radio took nearly 4 hours to come back to life!! so you just have to be patient it seems. As there is no number 6 on my radio, I had to press the ^ (up) arrow on the square block in order to "lock" the code back in...