Xantia Immobiliser problem

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Xantia Immobiliser problem

Post by chriswarduk » 06 Aug 2003, 00:24

Ive got an L-reg 1.8 xantia (8v PSA engine). Its recently had a new engine put in (using the existing ecu), however the garage is having problems with the keypad immobiliser. Basically the light simply stays red and doesnt seem to respond to any input from the keypad at all...any ideas what might be wrong? My garage are completely stumped ...
Is it possible to simply bypass the immobiliser, never really been a fan of the keypad system?

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Xantia Immobiliser problem

Post by stewart_c » 06 Aug 2003, 00:43

I had this problem with my 1.9tdsx & took it to an independant french garage who also do accident damaged repairable's & must come accross this kind of problem a lot & the cure was to remove the immobiliser on my pump with a chisel,alter the wiring to suit.
The keypad still flashes,and appears to the outside world to be active.
I know you have a different engine but it should be possible to ommit the keypad

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Xantia Immobiliser problem

Post by wheeler » 06 Aug 2003, 02:36

is it definitely just the red light & not both lights (fault warning) on ? no beeping when buttons are pressed? first thing to check is has the inertia switch been tripped ? this cuts off a feed to the ECU.check all fuses (especialy f2 &f15) + under bonnet fuses,are all the earths on & clean ? are all the connectors in the right places,round the right way & clean (especialy the ones in the inner wings),if the engine has been changed the whole loom will have been off.its a completely different setup to a diesel where you can unbolt & bypass it.its easy to bypass the keypad once you get it running,just take the plug off the back of the keypad when it is unlocked & it will stay unlocked.on the 15 pin black plug on the key pad are you getting- pin1-12v battery,pin13-12v with ignition on,pin15-earth ? theres a few things to start you off.