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Alternator Life

Post by David.Cox » 07 Aug 2001, 03:04

I have BX17 DTR with 131,000 miles. I trhink I am still running on the original alternator. How long should this last. I know this is like asking length of a piece of string, but any indications out there. What are the early signs of alternator starting to give up life ?
I read somewhere - or least I thought I did, that a flickering speedo can be a sign. Mine flickers below 30mph, and becomes steadier above that though not completely steady.
Any advice

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Post by JohnD » 07 Aug 2001, 23:51

Hi David - My daughter's BXTZDturbo has done 125000 miles and is for sure still on it's original alternator with no signs of impending failure - Cheers!

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Post by rustytoba » 08 Aug 2001, 06:08

David the flicking speedo is a common BX fault that is caused by the plastic gear inside the gearbox that the speedo cable is conected too. These fail from time to time and are a pain as a lot of work must be done on the gearbox to fit a new one.
As for the alternaitor if you have an alarm fitted with current sensing the worn alternator may cause current loss that will set your alarm off, usually late at night when your trying to sleep!.
As for how long thay last Im not to sure but I treat the charging system like any other part of the car and check brush lengths and that the belt is not too loose.
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Post by David.Cox » 09 Aug 2001, 05:44

Rusttoba, thanks for the info.At least now i know about the speedo thing.

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Post by roy.hassell » 12 Aug 2001, 17:54

Can't help re alt.
Speedo flicking suggests "clocking" or more likely new upper & lower speedo cables required-this has cured mine on 3 BX's.

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Post by David.Cox » 13 Aug 2001, 06:59

Thanks Roy; I know my BX was clocked in the distant past, from the way the mileometer behaves. Will check the cables though.