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Post by rustytoba » 30 Jul 2001, 03:55

I need help, last year I baught a Heynes manual and you know how useless the new style ones are adn they dont tell you how ot change the gearbox oil in them. So I was wondering iw anyone could help me by telling me how to change my gearbox oil in my 1991 BX 14 (K1G) engine
Scott McGhee


Post by Jon » 30 Jul 2001, 16:21

You will find the drain plug literally on the bottom of the box, passenger side. Its got a 21MM hex plug.
About 2/3 inches above the drain is the filler, again its a 21MM hex.
The gearbox capacity is 2 litres I believe.
Jon Wood
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Post by paulivil » 31 Jul 2001, 12:58

You will need a siphon sort of thing - I don't know what's that in English - that is operated by a piston and holds about half a litre of transmission oil (GL4). Without such a thing it is almost impossible to force all that fluid into the box.

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Post by rustytoba » 01 Aug 2001, 03:26

Thankyou Jon, you are the first person in 7 monthes that has not insited that the engine oil and trans fluid were the same thing (like in the MK I BX 1360cc engine)
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