TD glow plugs

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Chris Peddie
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TD glow plugs

Post by Chris Peddie » 19 May 2001, 17:49

Hi all,
Is there any easy way to get glow plugs out of a TD or special tools etc? I'm finding it extremely hard to get at the first two (timing belt end). Is it really necessary to dismantle everything in the way?

andy hannett
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Post by andy hannett » 20 May 2001, 00:14

When I replaced the glow plugs on my Xantia TD I cursed those "designers" at Citroen.
In answer to your question, a five minute job on any normal car takes several hours on the Xantia.
Good luck and happy cursing!!

donor 2019
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Post by JohnD » 20 May 2001, 17:07

Hi Chris. - I know what you mean! We have four XUD's in our family stable and each one has it's difficult glowplug. One of them needs a supply pipe removing, but all of them has the pump in the way for plugs 3 and 4. I find a combination of a 12mm deep socket and a ring spanner usually gets there in the end. Don't however rely on an open ended spanner. Good luck!


Post by Jon » 21 May 2001, 13:40

If your car has intercooler over top of engine, remove same first.
Then use 1/4 inch drive 8mm socket to remoce 8mm nut on top of glow plug.
Then get deep 12mm socket on 3/8 drive rachet (if possible) to remove glow plug itself.
Come out really easily then.
Jon Wood
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