BX Suspension Help

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BX Suspension Help

Post by oilyspanner » 14 Jan 2005, 23:23

I heat them up with a blowlamp a couple of times too, it helps dissolve the dissimilar metal corrosion.

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BX Suspension Help

Post by dan.2cv » 15 Jan 2005, 03:37

Well guys I used easy outs on a seized nipple once, and guess what? Yep, I split the caliper (I was a bit wet behind the ears at the time, but a lesson learned)

alan s
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BX Suspension Help

Post by alan s » 15 Jan 2005, 03:38

I normally use a butane powered "Pencil" blowtorch on those nipples. It's the type you can buy (out here anyway) at Electronics stores and is filled using lighter gas bottle. It gets hot enough to make the actual nipple glow dull red. I usually heat, let partially cool, tap with a small hammer directly on top and put a couple of drops of oil or Penetrine around the area where it screws in. Wait till it cools & firstly try moving to & fro as often they have to be "worked" loose before they'll screw out. I keep putting the odd drop of oil on as they come out. If they don't look like shifting, heat again and leave overnight after again adding a couple of drops of oil to the thread area. I usually win using that method.[:D]
Alan S

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BX Suspension Help

Post by A_Damn_Fool » 15 Jan 2005, 06:57

I'm going to replace the rear brake pipes as well as they were rusted at the joint to the calipers. Is it worth removing the calipers to get the bleed niples out or will it be easier with the calipers in place?
thanks for all the tips btw I'll let you know how it went after I do it.

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BX Suspension Help

Post by tomsheppard » 15 Jan 2005, 20:33

It is possible to drop a nut over the bleed nipple and then mig weld it on. Wait a good half hour before trying the spanner, though because the nipple will otherwise be likely to break off.
Regarding your bouncy suspension, you are using one of the two ccentral height selections, aren't you? The end ones are not for everyday use and will cause bumpiness.