Ciroen Synergie joining in Cheshire

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Ciroen Synergie joining in Cheshire

Post by FLYUS » 25 May 2016, 17:44


Just joined the club with Citroen Synergie 2.0 HDI 8v (2001MY)

Will see if I can find how to post some pics (if this forum allows it?)

My first French Car and love it. Very practical car.

It has several issues I am working through. The cheapest of which was turbo cutting out.

KP gave advice to service it, thrash it, and it cleared out the problem. Basically hammering down the motorway doing 4000 - 5000 revs in 3rd gear for 10 miles cleared the fault :)

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Re: Ciroen Synergie joining in Cheshire

Post by myglaren » 25 May 2016, 18:32

Welcome to the FCF :) :welc:

There is a guide to posting photo's here.
Shout up if you need assistance.
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Re: Ciroen Synergie joining in Cheshire

Post by NewcastleFalcon » 25 May 2016, 19:19

Welcome to the FCF,

I can thoroughly recommend "French Car Chat" as a proper welcome to the forum with plenty of threads easy to join in with or to start yourself. Yes....and lurking somewhere within that collection is the FCF's own virtual pub "the Pickled Egg" :-D

Regards Neil
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Re: Ciroen Synergie joining in Cheshire

Post by Stickyfinger » 25 May 2016, 21:16

Helllooooo !

Welcome to the Italian Tune Up club :)
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Re: Ciroen Synergie joining in Cheshire

Post by chinkostu » 21 Jun 2016, 22:19

A local!

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Re: Ciroen Synergie joining in Cheshire

Post by elma » 22 Jun 2016, 10:58

Localish, welcome.