Hi Guys.

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Hi Guys.

Post by Scruffy ferret » 06 Dec 2013, 10:46

Well I am a sucker for Frog Cars .. One nice 2006 Citroen HDI 1.6 comes my way , 76K on odometer after 7/8 ownership
of Renault Scenic Megane .which crunched and written orf on rememberence day 11/11/13... apt/ fate !
. wife has the Saxo 1.1i ..a little beaut that is .. I'll keep a watch out on the oil on my Citroen having it changed and filter today to be safe...I would say that the C 1.6HI feels more comfortablle to drive than my Renault... Soon going for the last couple of Fizio sessions on my back and neck after the RTA .. take care everybody. you can have an accident and not at fault like
me .. pain and money... Merry Xmas to all ... although I live up North I'll be having a Cornish one with my daughter. :-D
Alb :snowman: in Cornwall.. nay

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Re: Hi Guys.

Post by CitroJim » 06 Dec 2013, 18:25

Welcome Alb :-D Love the avatar 8-)