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New Xantia Owner!

Post by P616VKX » 05 Feb 2011, 19:38

Hey guys!

I've just bought my first Hydraulic Citroen and am slowly falling out with it already (Although, I secretly quite like it too!)...

It's a 1997 P-Reg Citroen Xantia 1.8 16v Desire model... With All the extras, minus Leather, Traffic Master and Active Suspension. It's Mot'd for a stupid amount of time, Taxed for another 24 days and has 105k miles on the clock.

I bought it for £255.50 from it's second owner, the vehicle has been cared for stupidly. It's had new Spheres, Cambelt, Waterpump all within the last 3 or four years, it rides like a magic carpet!

The heater fan has stopped running, which I've found unusual. However, after reading on here about the intermittant faults with the heater fan, I don't think that's the problem either. It was running fine up until this morning, when it carked it all together.

Also, the Air Conditioning switch doesn't light up when it's turned on.

That's about it!

I've attached some photo's of it to hopefully give a picture of the vehicles condition


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Post by myglaren » 05 Feb 2011, 20:10


Excellent purchase and a great price too.

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Post by Citroening » 05 Feb 2011, 20:16

Welcome - :wave2:

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Post by XantiaDaveEire » 06 Feb 2011, 13:00

:welc: Looks nice 8-)

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Post by DickieG » 06 Feb 2011, 13:30

I like the way the index plate is blocked, then I see your username,,,,,,,,,,, :lol:

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Post by P616VKX » 06 Feb 2011, 14:35

DickieG wrote:I like the way the index plate is blocked, then I see your username,,,,,,,,,,, :lol:
The picture on here is the original one from eBay. If you look under the user "pmsclassichits" and then look at my "Feedback left for others", you'll find the original advert.