Full Service History or is it?

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Full Service History or is it?

Post by Robin »

I finally got around to doing a service on the Xantia this afternoon - 4000 miles late. Yes thats thousands late. I have my business stamp and I put this on the service history sheet with the true mileage but wouldn't it be easy to falsify the records?
I used to have a lease motor that was maintained through a commercial outfit and only the very basic servicing was carried out. Oil and filters at the correct intervals but anything else was left until it broke or became faulty. The wheels had never been off except for new tyres in 80k miles. No cambelt change either. Yet is was sold with 'Full Service History' at 80k and three years old.
How do we tell if the vehicle is genuine? Do reps cars really make sense? Would my Xantia be a bad buy? It is an engineers own car but the adage about the cobblers shoes and buyer beware comes to mind. Robin

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Post by tomsheppard »

Full owner service history: Owner under 30; price -5%
full owner service history: owner over 40; Price + 10%
Dealer service history; explain to owner that it has been extensively vandalised and mistreated and that there are the records to prove it: price-30%

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Post by oilyspanner »

A young guy I know has just started working at the local cit dealer, he offered me some antifreeze because they always top up with tap water, dealer abused!

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Post by JohnD »

"Full service history" means everything to the majority of car buyers, but if my daughters' 12000 mile service on her Xsara is an example of dealership servicing, it amounts to nothing more than a change of oil and filter. And a note telling her to return with the car in three month for some new brake pads. I'll be doing the 24K service shortly and the pads are still not ready for replacing.

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Post by uhn113x »

A few years ago I rescued a nice 2CV Bamboo that was going to be scrapped due to a corroded chassis. It had a genuine 23,000 on it, and was otherwise immaculate inside and out, and had a full dealer service history.
The oil cooler made a better door than a window - indeed, you could see your face in its front, covered in congealed oil they had spilt, with a few leaves and dead flies in it.
Fortunately, it only did a 5-mile run at a time - a good motorway thrash would have seized it [:(]
Stuck a chassis in it, ran it for a year, put a nought on the purchase price, and sold it [:D]

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Post by bikeboyz »

Smiled at the tap water top up on the coolant, before the era of oily hands, I sat watching my 106D having a coolant change, at a local Pug/Cit so called specialist. Well they did have a rotten DS Pallas in the yard,,, anyway when the hose pipe came out to fill up the all alloy engine with hard tap water alarm bells rang. If you want job doing right, do it yourself. I have helped friends who have had the "rattle", and poking around asked the question when was it last serviced? One persons AX with jam like oil and a rusty oil filter, was oh a couple of weeks ago....