Comedy moments at Friday's auction.

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Comedy moments at Friday's auction.

Unread post by mbunting »

Down as Chesterfield car auctions on Friday, and an Espace comes through, looks ok, but the thing is revving it's nuts off, somewhere between 800 and 4000 revs, I'd say.
Auctioneer asks the driver if it's him doing it, shakes his head, then he shouts CAN'T YOU MAKE IT REV ANY LOWER ?, and then carries on the auction, during which he laughs at the audience and says "This is fitted with the Renault Refinement Kit you know !".
Next through was a Xantia 1.8i, comes in the hall screeching a little, then when stood idle, smoke starts coming from the near side of the engine bay ( an acrid clutch like smell ), the car abrubtly surges forwards, and then stalls !
It had to be pushed out without going under the hammer. "Right, we'll move on then, shall we ?"
Had the whole hall in tears !

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Unread post by blueboy2001 »

I bought a Focus at auction last month, next car in the line was a Synergie HDi. I was stood next to the Focus listening to it being started and it sounded fine, next thing the guy with the keys fires this Synergie up and its rattling like its got no oil in it, really badly. I've heard some rough engines in my time but this wasn't a bottom end rumble, top end, or belt noise as far as I could tell.
Anyway it sounded a little better after a few minutes and as it was pulled into the hall and it bid to about £9k, auctioneer sold it. As the driver pulled away, it made an horrendous bang and smoke poured out the exhaust, shortly followed by a request from the auctioneer for "a few big fellers to give it a shove into the yard"
Poor bloke who'd bought it looked mortified!

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Unread post by Homer »

I don't know if it was the case this time but I have heard of unscrupulous dealers nobbling a car they are interested in so it looks bad and they don't get any competition in the bidding hall.

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Unread post by reblack68 »

I think you get something like an hour to reject a vehicle you've bought at auction, I hope so.

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Unread post by Homer »

That depends on the auction and usually how much you have paid.
Usually you can only reject it on certain grounds. If it was incorrectly advertised or has a major fault (up to auction to decide what qualifies as major).
One advantage auctions have over a private sale is if the car turns out to be stolen you get your money back because they have a duty to ensure they have the right to sell the car, which obviously they don't if it's nicked.
As long as you keep your head when bidding, set yourself a strict limit and don't go past that by a penny then the saving over dealer prices should more than cover the repairs.

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Unread post by Paulee »

in my experience of auctions (I was a dabbling car trader)the ones that cater for cheaper cars are a nightmare.Many moons ago I bought an Audi 80 TDI with 137,000 but no history whatsoever in good condition but smoking badly.I risked it and bought it but the bores were worn badly.Not wanting to sell it to Joe Public I put it back in a different auction a dnother dealer bought it and I made £200 on it.
A week later it appeared at yet another auction and guess what ? it had 87,000 on the clock with a full history......the mind careful