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new car

Post by xsaraboy » 16 Oct 2003, 12:55

<font face="Georgia"></font id="Georgia"><font size="2"></font id="size2">has anyone got a new xsara 2000 onward and what do you think of it have u had any problems. i have a 2002 xsara 1.6 16v vtr coup the problems i have had are flange on exhaust(causing carbon being blown out of exhaust? still happening though) failed,o/s door dropped clutch release brg making noises ( they said the cable needed adjusting but i thought it was automatic adjust) and its still not right,rear seat catches oh and rear windows leaking had new seals fitted and they are still leaking luckily its still under warranty so i will be going back [:(]

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Post by CITMAN » 16 Oct 2003, 21:17

Thinking about one of these myself either 1.6 16v vtr or the 2.0 16v vts and would be interested in knowing what goes up wrong with them. Would you recommend one. Failing that ill have to leave the citroen field and go looking else where.

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Post by blueboy2001 » 16 Oct 2003, 21:38

I had 2 Mk2 Xsaras - a 2001 Y 1.4LX and a 2002 1.6i 16V. I swapped the 1.4 because it was too slow.
No major problems with either of them, my sister has the 1.6 now and she's had no bother with it. I had a problem with the airbag wiring under the on the 1.4 and a problem with the remote plip which dumped its software and had to be reprogrammed by the dealer.
The 1.6 had a couple of problems when I got it - the electric passenger mirror didn't work, and the adjustment on the manual drivers mirror was none existant. I played hell with the dealer becuase these should have been sorted at the PDI, it was also dirty when I got it. Both were fixed a couple of days later and were down to the plug not being connected and a missing lug. I also noticed the aircon was not ice cold but a little top up of gas sorted it.
My 1.6 also used to blow a bit of black piffle out the exhaust and splatter a bit on the rear valance. Didn't think it was problem myself, just due to the tailpipe coming out straight instead of angled downwards.
On the whole I thought they were cracking cars for the money - I paid £9400 for my 1.6 with optional alloys and a cd player. An equivalent spec Focus or Astra would cost at least £3000 more. They drive very well, loads of grip and are safe when you push them. The brakes are good too.
I'd buy another one if I was looking for a medium hatch again, although I'd probably go for the HDi 110 version.

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Post by xsaraboy » 16 Oct 2003, 22:53

citman i do enjoy my car even though i have had a few problems at the time i would have liked a vts 167bhp nice but dont buy one new ( £16.000) i saw a second hand vts 51 plate the other day for £8995 bargain but the insurance would kill me im paying £700 fc on mine now ps the car cost me brand new £10.000 that was with alloys which are optional and metalic paint (ice blue)