How the other half live.

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How the other half live.

Post by alan s »

Last weekend, a group of French Car Enthusiasts went for a run in Australia.
Everything was going along fine until one of the leading cars spotted a bit of twisty road coming up and yielded to temptation and put the hoof down. Many on the run were Peugeot drivers who had little or no knowledge of the eccentricities of a CX Citroen and one of the cars was a Prestige which is owned by a guy who has a particularly sharp driveway and hence due to the long wheel base, has set the suspension on a higher than normal setting. Instead of dropping off, the CX just let it all hang out much to the delight of the young guy in the following AX who was so besotted at the sight of this rather large metallic flying carpet laying over into the corners like a motor bike yet staying with the sportier cars that he got his mate to grab the video camers & start filming.
Here's the results which make some entertaining viewing. Takes a few minutes to load up but worth the wait.
The one that they didn't get due to being further down the convoy was a DS which to the surprise of all but the Citroen owners, also kept up with the more modern sportier models.
Hope you enjoy.
Alan S


Post by Jon »

Nice one Alan.
Despite their size the CX can be hustled along with the best of 'em through the twisty stuff. It takes a lot to unstick one!
Jon Wood