Is this for real?

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Is this for real?

Post by bernie » 29 Jan 2005, 22:29

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Post by bernie » 29 Jan 2005, 22:31

Richard Gallagher
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Post by Richard Gallagher » 30 Jan 2005, 00:24

I've been considering these for some time, particularly as the last time I had the job by a so called professional he cocked it up by putting in too much gas!!
Like you Bernie I'd like to know if anyones had success with these.
I suppose one way of finding out would be to look back over previous feedback and then send an email to the buyer asking for comments.

alan s
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Post by alan s » 30 Jan 2005, 04:08

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Like wise? ... 43333&rd=1
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The other one would have some potential, but this one on the other posting re: "leak sealer, just push it onto a fitting" etc I wouldn't touch with a barge pole.
Remember that if you have a leak, it has to be found and fixed and in refrigeration there is no such thing as "leak stop" similar to that used in car cooling systems as they actually operate by sending gas through small apertures, so if something will gum up a leak, it will also gum up the oriface in a TX valve.
You also need to be able to vacuum the system if you have cause to open it or if it gets totally devoid of gas.
Alan S