1.6hdi Help

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1.6hdi Help

Post by thebrasso »

Hi There

I'm doing a bit of investigative work atm about some ongoing electrical issues issues i have had for the previous year or so, regarding unspecified code errors, It would be great if somebody could identify the sensors on the rear of the 1.6hdi engine

The ongoing problem can be foud in the following post: viewtopic.php?t=61652

(The ones circled red) just lick the image link and it will open.I think i have one i correctly

Thanks for any input, believe me, it is appreciated :-D


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Re: 1.6hdi Help

Post by deuchebleu »

The one on the left is the engine oil level sensor.
The brown item on the right judging by its shape and position I would think is the coolant pump bypass solenoid.
I don't think the solenoid was fitted on all variants of this engine.
Hope this helps