C2 ABS Pump

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C2 ABS Pump

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hi I have. citroen c2vts with faulty abs pump. Sent away for repair but if not fixable anyone know where I can get replacement part either same part number or compatible. New or used Part number 10.0960-1144.3. thanks in advance
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Re: C2 ABS Pump

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That doesn't appear to be a PSA or other recognised part number.

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If interested, links are below, then pop your VIN up.
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Re: C2 ABS Pump

Post by wheeler »

Have you tries the ABS centre on ebay? they have loads of variations of PSA ABS units, might be wirth a message to them.
https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/abscenter?_t ... 3561.l2563
The original Citroen part number (not found anywhere on the part) will unlikely mean anything to a breaker or second hand supplier as they normally go with the numbers on the unit itself. A brand new one would likely write the car off.
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Re: C2 ABS Pump

Post by Stewart(oily) »

I too drive a C2 now, I found a facebook group where they seem to be breaking quite a few of them, some of those guys seem pretty knowledgeable about the C2.