How to remove rear light cover C4 Picasso 2016

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How to remove rear light cover C4 Picasso 2016

Post by Northumbrian »

Can anyone advise if it’s possible to separate the rear light cover (coloured lenses) from the light assembly? A piece has broken clean out of the rear light cover. I’ve got the piece and could glue it back, but the way it’s broken means it must be done form the inside. I’ve managed to remove the whole light assembly, but don’t know how to separate the cover from the back part that holds the bulbs. I’ve removed three silver screws that look like they might be holding the two parts together, but they still seem strongly stuck together and I don’t want to force them apart in case that’s not possible and I cause irreparable damage. Alternatively, I could replace the cover if it’s not prohibitively expensive. Any advice gratefully accepted!
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Re: How to remove rear light cover C4 Picasso 2016

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Hi and welcome.

No, they're not separable and are supplied as a complete unit. Which one you need of course will depend on your trim level and specifications as there were 3 different types of lighting assembly - 2 types with variations of LEDs and a halogen option. You must fit the correct one for the electrical system on the vehicle.

I wouldn't bother trying to glue it or take the seal of, as it's bound to crack or brake the internals where they are bonded on and you'll constantly be getting condensation and water inside - which can lead to other issues. Best to get it replaced as it will probably affect your MOT.

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